Nourish Article – Feb 2023

One size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to skincare routines that need to fit around your budget, schedule, age, and stage of life.

As we go through life our situation and environment changes, as does our skin. Consider the beautiful smell and soft touch of a baby’s skin, isn’t it delicate? Babies rely on us to protect them, so we begin their skincare routine from birth by keeping them clean and dry using gentle products. In the New Zealand sun we slather them in sunscreen and cover their precious little bodies with hats, clothes, and shade.

Children (who need to be encouraged into regular showers and applying sunblock daily) quickly grow into pre-adolescent teens (Tweens). This is an ideal time to introduce a proper skincare routine for both boys and girls as the pimples start peeking. Then we get the poor adolescents who are tormented by hormonal skin, weather, and the environment. They need a perfect balance of moisture and treatment as a quick fix to fit into their busy lives.

By the time we reach adulthood we have decades of skincare ahead of us where new factors need to be considered. Everyone’s skin is impacted by diet, sleep, environmental influences, stress, and lifestyle. Hormonal changes are also a major culprit for skin changes, especially for women. In previous articles we have talked about the crucial difference between summer and winter skincare so this is important too. Everyone stocked up on sunblock for January but humidity was the main issue in the end causing breakouts and redness as we battled through damp air.

With so many influences on our skin you will find that a consultation with a professional is essential to determine what your skin needs, don’t second guess your products. Our Tranquillo therapists will closely examine your skin condition and type and run through any concerns you have. You may be surprised to find that something you have been struggling with has a solution.

Also, before you buy cheap skincare products to save money you might find that investing in quality products that use less product and have active ingredients will be more cost-effective in the longer term. Consider the ‘cost per use’ and how your skin will thrive with better products. If you have products that you want to continue with then bring them in and we can analyse how to use them correctly and supplement any gaps.

At Tranquillo Beauty Clinic we have the latest Observ 520x that takes the guess work out of your skin and recommending products. The name is intimidating but we promise it is marvelous! The Obsev 520x is an advanced skin analysis photographic tool that reveals your skin in eight different modes including surface texture, pigmentation, and redness. This thorough process picks up what the eye can’t and reveals the results to you and your therapist. We love technology like this and our clients are pleased too.

Let’s quickly look at makeup. I use the Jane Iredale skincare makeup range because of the high-quality minerals that are naturally healthy for your skin. There is an extensive range of high quality and multi-purpose products (so you buy less). I love the recently launched Glowtime stick that can be applied to lips, eyes, and cheeks. How great are these when you are time poor, travelling or budget conscious? Also, Powder-me can be applied to the face and body as wonderful sun protection and it also evens out skin blemishes. Want to learn some clever tips and tricks about make up? We would love to help.

Facial treatments at Tranquillo Beauty Clinic are completely bespoke so we can tailor your time, concerns, and budget accordingly. We will determine your needs and choose an appropriate course of action to benefit your skin, but also your body, mind, and soul. They are all connected at the end of the day.

Visit Tranquillo for a wide range of products to suit all skincare needs. Young skin would benefit from Dermalogica Clear Start or Eco organic Skincare Range. Mature skin thrives with Cosmeceutical ranges, Environ, Juvenate and O-Cosmedics. Want to know more? Contact us at Tranquillo Beauty Clinic for further details.

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