The Healing Power of Massage

The many health benefits of therapeutic massage have been known to mankind for centuries. But only now are we becoming aware of the strong link between stress and illness. When we become tense or stressed, our muscles tighten, putting strain on many parts of the body. This sows the seeds of future ill health. But you can help your body – plus your mind and spirit – by having a regular massage. At Tranquillo Beauty we believe strongly in the power of massage to heal the body and the mind. We have carefully studied the many different techniques available and offer only those which deliver our clients the greatest benefits.

Relaxation Massage

Imagine lying in a peaceful cocoon of warmth, with relaxing music playing softly in the background. Soothing, caring hands gently rub fragrant aromatherapy oils into your back, neck and shoulders to help you relax and unwind.

Your muscles loosen and your skin becomes energised and rejuvenated, leaving you feeling serene and refreshed.

Swedish Massage

This traditional European massage uses firm but gentle pressure to help you relax. It eases muscle tension, improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and eases cramps and spasms.

Deep Tissue Massage (if a trained Therapist is available)

This focuses on releasing muscle tension and chronic knots. The strokes used are similar to those of Swedish massage except more pressure is applied. Stressed muscles can block the flow of nutrients and oxygen, causing inflammation and allowing toxins to build up that contribute to pain and stress.

Through relaxation of the muscles, deep tissue massage helps rid the body of toxins, leading to ongoing feelings of wellbeing.

Talk to us about how your body is feeling and the stresses you are under so together we can determine which massage therapy will be the most beneficial and enjoyable for you.

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