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Digital Skin Scanner; DermaPro 3s

Dermapro 3s Digital Skin Analysis Equipment.

We are proud to have the leading edge technology in Skin Analysis available in the Clinic, the DermaPro 3S Professional Photographic Skin Analyser.

The computerised photographic skin analysis equipment digitally photographs your face enabling our Therapists to document the condition of you skin and evaluate the most effective treatment options available to you. This unique system generates comprehensive reports allowing us to track your progress towards a more youthful and healthier appearance.

The most sophisticated diagnostic skin analysis equipment available, utilising specialised digital photography with a comprehensive series of reports to provide a true picture of your skin's condition.  You will receive advice on the correct in-salon treatment program and home care products to enable you to achieve the best possible results.

Your evaluation includes;

  • Measurement of pore sizes and number
  • Measurement of wrinkles
  • Analysis of pigment disturbances
  • Determination of UV damage
  • Identification of acne causing porphyrine and bacteria
  • Evaluation of skin redness and vascular conditions.

Go beyond surface beauty and discover the truth about your face with the new way of doing Skin Health Checks, the scientific way, to truly understand and treat your skin.  The facial-skin-scanner does this fast and highly scientific feedback is supplied to both Clinic and Client.  All of the data is stored for future reference and the software will chart progress between the historical and current data.