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Vitamin C in Skincare I am always looking for the best combination of ingredients rather than a particular range to improve a client’s skin condition or concerns. Clients often present with one or more of these issues: Uneven pigmentation, often through UV damage Acne Rosacea Capillary damage Lines and wrinkles...
​During summer it is so important to use the right sunscreen and to understand the impact UVR has on your skin. These two articles will help you understand this even more Fast Facts on UVR ​ Sunburn and its effect on the skin
Peels are an excellent option, that your professional Beauty Therapist may recommend to begin in the cooler months.
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Top 11 Beauty Foods for Healthy Skin Eat plenty of these healthful fruit and vegetables and just watch your skin start to glow, blemishes start to clear, and pores become smaller. Berries: blueberry, raspberry, boysenberry, strawberry are all rich in anti-oxidants Broccoli: best eaten raw (just grated with some homemade...